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At Chiaruccia Tower in Santa Marinella town, 60 Km N of Rome, in 1933 Guglielmo Marconi as chairman of National Research Council set up an important experimental center in which he worked till the day of his sudden death on July 20th, 1937. Here, Marconis researches involved studies on micro-waves antennas and radiosystems (500 MHz frequency, todays UHF band) now considered as the beginnings of modern radar technique, researches on high energy electromagnetic beams and also HF radiogoniometry applications.

This important research center was built close to an ancient sea-sighting tower (Chiaruccia Tower) on top of which Marconi himself used to tune and test his radiating systems. The tower got destroyed during WW2; nowadays the area is occupied by an Air Force base for meteo service.
This Marconian site (ww-locator: JN52WA) has been celebrated by the Radio Club A.R.I. CIVITAVECCHIA (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani, club call IQ0CV) since 1989 for the annual IMD - International Marconi Day - with special call IY0TC, to widespread the great works and fine ingenuity of Guglielmo Marconi, Father of the radio, all over the world.
At present, local Autorithies, national Universities, research Institutes and radioamateur community are all together highly involved in a great project to regain the most part of Chiaruccia Tower site to public use and to rebuild the masonry tower as it was, setting there a Marconi Museum.

On the recurrence of 20th year of IY0TC the Radio Club ARI CIVITAVECCHIA issues the CHIARUCCIA TOWER INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA award to all SWLs and licensed radioamateurs all over the world, with special attention for V/UHF bands, to commemorate that very important place for the History of radio and the experiments which Marconi performed here.
SWLs and radioamateur applicants need to submit proof of contacts made on after January 1st, 2009. Contacts on the same day with the same station are not valid, except they are carried out on different frequency or mode.

Compulsory contacts and minimum total qso-points have to be got according to applicant stations. Compulsory qsos are as follows:

1. Not Italian stations have to obtain 15 points, at least 1 contact should be
with of the Special Marconi Station IY0TC or with Radio Club ARI CIVITAVECCHIA IQ0CV.
2. Italian stations have to obtain 30 points, at least 2 contacts should be with of the Special Marconi Station IY0TC, or with Radio Club ARI CIVITAVECCHIA IQ0CV.

Regarding above quoted total point, two-way communications will weigh as

a) Special Marconi Station IY0TC, 5 points (10 points on VHF/UHF frequency).
b) Radio Club Station ARI CIVITAVECCHIA IQ0CV, 3 points (6 points on VHF/UHF frequency).
c) Radioamateur members and associates of Radio Club ARI CIVITAVECCHIA:

i0DFY, i0FHL, i0FZC, i0KHP, i0NRO, i0OLK, i0PCJ, i0YMP, iK0ALH, iK0BVM, iK0CNA, iK0GHA, iK0GPN, iK0JOS, iK0NEP, iK0NSY, iK0OZK, iK0PHU, iK0RRC, iK0SMM, iK0XCC, iK0XCF, iK0ZYH, iK5LPN, iW0GXS, iW0GYV, iZ0CHD, iZ0CLS, iZ0DRE, iZ0DQX, iZ0EHM, iZ0EMZ, iZ0HLK, iZ0HSR, iZ0KAT, iZ0MTU, iZ0MTV, iZ0NRO, iZ4AYB, I0/YO7LKW

2 points (4 points on VHF/UHF frequency).

Every amateur frequency may be used for; there are no restrictions on the band or type of emission; contest and satellite QSOs are also accepted while repeater contacts are not allowed.
Diploma applicants are not required to send QSL cards, a simple log extract submission is well suitable; the log must be signed also by two licensed hams as validation, and it will be verified by the Award manager.
The Award is a colour parchment paper sheet.

Logs must be sent to:

P.O. Box 51 00053 Civitavecchia (RM) ITALY

Any request to: ______________

The Award is free of any charge or cost.
Any contribution given on voluntary basis will be entirely assigned to a special fund for Chiaruccia Tower rebuilding, according to above project. Call-sign of all donor radioamateurs will be gratefully marked on a memorial tablet attached to the tower.
Club Station ARI CIVITAVECCHIA reserves to himself the right of amending any rule regarding this Award, or holding up itself.

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